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We are the premier global source for machinery and equipment for military and para-military agencies, search & rescue agencies, firefighting agencies, electricity power. industry and environmental agencies, we represent manufacturers in new technology

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Armored Cobra-LAMV with high speed & excellent off-road capability

Armored Cobra-LAMV with high speed & excellent off-road capability

A versatile and affordable LAMV for the modern age. Combining everything we know about ballistics and blast protection with the best of Toyota’s 4×4 engineering delivers this extremely versatile vehicle, which is completely at home in the city or tough rural terrain. With capacity of 8-9 crew members, Cobra fits perfectly into modern military formations, carrying out tasks for Law and order or Military alike.
The CEN 1522 FB6 level protection LAMV is designed to offer an ideal combination of protection, mobility and payload, the compact size and mobility makes the Cobra suitable for urban environments as well as semi-rural operations. The protection level can be further enhanced by optionally adding ceramic or composite add-on plates, blast mitigation floor mats, and anti-riot mesh protection. With additional options such as a Vehicle Borne Assault System (VBAS) for buildings and aircraft assault, Cobra can be utilized in multiple roles.

Best solution for special operation forces, anti-terror groups and tactical intelligent team

• Compact size and mobility suitable for urban environments

• Wide choice of engines

• One platform, different layouts

• Both RHD and LHD steering orientation

• Can be fitted with 360° traversing turret

• Suitable for Vehicle Borne Assault system installation

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